Easy Spring Updates to Your Closet at Less $20 Each!

I am not sure what has happened to me…but I have literally done minimal shopping in preparation for spring. Part of it is since starting this blog I started focusing on finding the newest, most amazing items rather than sharing what actually works for me. Another part of it is that I found myself feeling so amazing after taking the last year to clean out my closet…I didn’t want to fill it up with items I won’t wear frequently. I have even started clearing out more items and selling them. The last part is that for whatever reason I have gained about 10 pounds…and I am not sure why. So nothing quite fits right and I don’t want to buy anything right now because I am determined to lose it before it’s shorts weather.

So…with that in mind…many of the things I am seeing are not ending up in my home. Also…I am not feeling super confident with doing try-ons and posting photos of my full body to show off any clothes.  But I do always tend to gravitate to a few new items each spring that get used to their full potential in the warmer months. So if you are looking for some suggestions on how to update and transition…I wanted to share mine with you.

  1. Make sure that you pick up a few solid and neutral tanks. They will look great with cardigans during the spring AND alone in the summer. I say neutral because that way you have unlimited options with cardigans and bottoms.  I like a good v-neck, and a flowy fit…so try this option and this one.
  2. There are always so many cute sandal trends each year…and often times you can find them at affordable retailers. I am all for investing in shoes that you know will be in rotation for years…but when it comes to trendy sandals I am all about the $20 option. Plus I swear that I trip at least once a day…but only when I am wearing sandals…so there’s that. My favorites for this year are these beauties, this one and these babes!
  3. Buy a new accessory. Weather it is a new necklace, watch band or pair of earrings. You definitely don’t need all the accessories…but a new option to throw in the rotation will help you feel trendy even on the days spring decides to be winter and you have to bundle up.  I did purchase this watch band and I would love a pair of these earrings.
  4. Take an hour to actually sift through your closet. You might notice pieces you forgot about. And it will give you a chance when you’re not rushed to visually pair outfits together. This is one of my favorite things to do…so often I forget about seomthing, or brush it aside when I am getting dressed because I don’t have time to play with it. So take a Sunday, close the door, and sift through what you have…especially before you start making purchases!
  5. Last…purchase 1 new pair of skinny jeans. If you are like me, after winter is over you are kind of sick of all your pants. Purchase a pair of lighter wash jeans to get you through then next few months. You don’t need to make them an investment piece, just something to help lighten your wardrobe palette. I purchased this pair when they were on sale for $18, even though I hated the step hem during winter…I kinda hope that spring will make it click more for me. And this option is also amazing!

My favorite part about these tips is that you can follow each one, and spend less than $100. To me that is a pretty good spring update. Save your money for summer when you can’t really utilize those winter layers that you can in the springtime!


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